choo. choo.

"this train don't carry no gamblers, no high flyers, no midnight ramblers."
this train, bob marley

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  1. That's a Bob Marley song? I thought it was the Kingston Trio.

    I love the nothingness. The trains 'round my parts usually travel from town to town, which are about 7 minutes away from each other and so jam-packed that you can't tell where one ends and one begins.

  2. I love this might reflect my mood of distress right now.

  3. melancholic, and beautiful...

  4. so gray...
    so bleak...
    so exquisite.

    good job rd


  5. thanks everyone!

    josy i didn't realize it was a kingston trio song as well, but google tells me you are correct, so i'll go ahead and believe it. i found this in a small town a few miles from where i live. not exactly sure if its still in use or not.

  6. great shot. lonelyness, dissapointment, reality. i love this photo..