lomo rider.

"the low rider is a little higher ..."
low rider, war

8 comments :: lomo rider.

  1. kind of a sad landscape.
    Nice shot, though!

  2. I love the tone in this one! Great shot as always

  3. A dream landscape, waiting for phantasms and rain...

    Suhweet. Lomo on.

  4. Love this photo. Reminds me of 3:10 to Yuma. Nice work!!

  5. thanks everyone! i'll have to put 3:10 to yuma in my blockbuster queue.

  6. sad and yet, so beautiful

  7. Lomo...ri...der
    don't shoot too fast

    You and your interesting cameras. :P :)

  8. deli thanks so much!

    josy :)