a christmas casualty.

"start in on your story and i'll go ... ohh. walking like you're stuck in velvet snow."
velvet snow, kings of leon

8 comments :: a christmas casualty.

  1. What a tragic end
    for such a snowy man.

    Great shot, though!

  2. I love the contrast of the Christmas decoration and the green grass that looks straight out of April. Such irony.

  3. lucky i know! discarded after only missing two arms and a leg and a half. a shame, i tell you.

    caitlin and therein lies the tragedy. such wintery colors, eh?

  4. Sad. it really is a shame.

  5. Kick-a** pic, and yes, there's some really nice wintery light going around!

    A really nice catch here, RD!

  6. I don't know whether to be happy or sad, but this makes me laugh! Great pic and title.

  7. deli :)

    lori many thanks. don't you love these southern winters?

    zapped thanks! glad you had a laugh.

  8. No way! Who would've thought this innocent-looking snowman must've been working for the evil Shredder?

    ...Or maybe he was just offensive.

    (Re: your comment on http://snapshotoptimism.blogspot.com/2008/06/rebellion.html)