"we'll wait and see but I'd love to hear that story once again it's the only part of me you still defend"
drawerings, dinosaur jr.

5 comments :: sketch.

  1. So much to look at! I think my favorite bits are "HOOT" and the strangely toast-like smiling squid.

    Is this your doing? Why on earth don't you have a drawing-blog, Raindog?!

  2. i do a little illustration here and there, but not enough to call myself an illustrator. unfortunately, this is not mine. the wife is the illustrator.

  3. hoot once more!
    i guess i should wish you a hoot of a time then?
    have a cosy rainy doggie christmas!!

  4. Leaves me trying to resist...


    "So, what's gnu with you?"

    (Not only sweet sketch, but sweet pic of such, too!)

  5. pod thanks! hope you had a great holiday.

    lori :)