sing it again.

"a town of disrespect, the trains are wrecked, the night is younger than us. nowhere is anywhere else, you keep to yourself, stirring the dregs where i have layed. the exit signs are flashing dead ends they won't come to life anymore."
sing it again, beck

6 comments :: sing it again.

  1. what it is? said a small confused looking pod with a tiny frown gathering on his forehead.....

  2. oh little pod. be not confused. tis a stencil of a microphone on a fuse box. there. feel better?

  3. Looks like the ole' style microphone. Cool shot!

  4. oh!
    i do!


  5. zapped thanks! i agree. the stencil looks like a modern take on 50s mic. maybe 60s.

    pod good! we can't have a confused pod, now can we?

  6. ::envy::

    Why don't we have cool graffiti like this 'round my area? Nobody ever stencils anything*.

    *Except government-mandated stencilers that tell you useful information, like where to dump your garbage. These stencils are decidedly boring.