"'you know, i wouldn't hurt not one of you. i'd much prefer something to chew and you're all to scant.' oh yeah! he ate the elephant."
effervescing elephant, syd barrett

7 comments :: pumpkins.

  1. i find this picture very tender....

  2. Cute overload got nuthin' on your fat-cheeked bebe!

    Sweet pic, and Those Cheeks! My gosh!

    Hope you and yours are staying well and having fun.

  3. Absolutely darling! I like how the pumpkin and baby face have the same shape ;}

  4. plump round cuteness a-gogo!! i wouldn't know where to start squeezing!


  6. thank you all! yep. he's a little chunky monkey.

  7. Hee hee. Lots o' pumpkins. :)