"if the sun refused to shine, i don't mind, I don't mind. if the mountains fell in the sea, let it be, it aint me."
if 6 was 9, jimi hendrix

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  1. ah...this makes me a little sad coz it reminds me of my mom. if i could have one more hug, just for a second. what a great shot. the rainpups will love looking back at these. well done to the daddio!!

  2. .....simply amazing....

  3. Ah, this is fantastic! I dig the negative space filled with a loving embrace.

  4. This as always is GREAT on so so many levels but the perspective wow youve done an awesome job here!

  5. pod oh. glad you like, but so sorry to make you a little sad.

    hope many thanks!

    zapped you are too, too kind. thanks!

    kimberley wow! such a compliment. thanks!

  6. i love the halo of light - like pure love - around the subjects. great photo.

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  8. Awwwwwwwww.


    So warm, so child-looking-up-like, so very very fantastic! Bravo M. Raindog!

  9. polly and josy thanks for the wonderful comments.

    and good to see you getting out more, josy. :)

  10. i really like this picture.
    i feel the moment!

  11. making me think of my mum is never something to apologise for RD!