"all actors they're pretending and singers they sometimes lie. oh kids are always honest cause they don't think they're ever gonna die. you're the prettiest smartest captain of the team. i love you more than being seventeen."
evening sun, the strokes

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  1. I love photos from this angle. I have no idea why. But it rocks.

    ...I just noticed, as I was posting this comment, that you have a snazzy new title-bar-image-thing, and you have changed your background colors once again.

    ...Isn't variety fun? :D

  2. "I have the strangest feeling that I've been dropped," the camera said.

  3. great words, great photo!

  4. I can smell the brick and feel the coldness on my belly...

  5. one of my favorite perspective. very welles-ian. hey is that a new masthead? i like it very much.

  6. josy thanks! yup. with my limited ability, i think i've finally got something i can live with for a while.

    hope :)

    deli thanks!

    zapped thanks! nice comment. however, you will have to trade the coldness for the not-so-cool louisiana winter.

    polly thanks and thanks! glad you like.