halo squibble.

"karen, take me to the nearest famous city middle. where they hang the lights. where it's random, and it's common versus common."
city middle, the national

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  1. i love the colours of this one! and the vignetting, and the tags, and the bricks, and the lights at the bottom.

  2. This is really cool! I like the rigidness contrasting the bricks and window against the colorful and curvy tags.

  3. Ooh, someone's playing with his page layout. ;)

    Incidentally, the new color scheme makes the colors on this photo really pop... it's much creepier.

    (Which, as we all know, is a good thing. :D )

  4. hey where i am i? it's gone dark in here.....

  5. mr mustard good to see you again. glad you like.

    zapped thanks! you are too kind. :)

    josy playing as in trying not to screw things up, but these new blogger templates are a bit restrictive. don't know if it'll stay. but if it adds to creepy, then its all good.

    podworry not southpark pod. go to the light. :)

  6. oh...oh...yeah....i feel all better now