friday. drinky, drinky.

"you're so beautiful to look at when you cry. freeze, don't move. you've been chosen as an extra in the movie adaptation of the sequel to your life."
shady lane, pavement

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  1. Is that better than the village idiot? :-)

    How's the Leopard working for you?

  2. That's a very neat bit of writing... especially if the person writing it was drunk, or if the person whose hand it is was drunk, or if those two people are one and the same, or if the person belonging to the hand was in fact whoring him/herself at the time.

  3. missy fabulous, just fabulous. hmmm ... i'll go with idiot being the better of the two.

    josy then, by your calculations, it is indeed a very neat bit of writing since choices a, b and c are in fact correct.

  4. Oh I love it....and the photo as well ;0)

  5. but why can't we see what the hand is reaaching out to grab?
    such a tease raindoggie, such a tease!

  6. kim many thanks!

    pod :)