maybe if i hold it up to the light.

"i am the conscience clear in pain or ecstasy. and we were all weaned my dear
upon the same fatigue." staring at the sun, tv on the radio

8 comments :: maybe if i hold it up to the light.

  1. (happy).

  2. Precious! I really enjoy all the love you share, raindog!

  3. Holding things up to light always helps.

    Are you related to this small fellow, RD?

  4. this is just timeless! I love it and the grain just great!

  5. thanks everyone! such great compliments.

    josy - yes'm. this would be what pod calls the rainpup.

  6. oh! little rainpup head! couldn't you just bite it!

  7. Beautiful photo!

  8. the rainpup rocks!!