"hangin with the rebels sippin on a snapple. buggin with my crew just trippin in the apple."
pacifics, digable planets

9 comments :: gesundheit.

  1. cuteness!
    is this the lucky mrs raindoggie?

  2. i think it just might be.

  3. You captured a moment of joy - she's lovely!

  4. great!

  5. this makes me smile!

  6. hurray!
    will we ever get to see the doggie though?

  7. wow! thanks everyone. pod, i'm thinking that the 'chucks' photo is as much of the doggie that will be seen. :)

  8. AWWWW Firstly great shot ...and Beautiful lady! Youve captured such raw emotion here This one is one you need to matt frame and hang Its a Keeper!

  9. wow! thanks kim!