chucks n scuffs.

"when the moons kinda dreamy, starry eyed and dreamy. and nights are luscious and long. if youre kinda lonely then nothin but the blues are brewin'."
the blues are brewin', billie holiday

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  1. i love chucks...
    and this is a dreamy, poignant shot!

  2. i'm gonna buy some white ones for summer. the boot ones.
    or do you think i'm too old for them, hmm?

  3. I LOVE Billie Holiday! This is a verl dramatic and bold shot. I love it and Pod your never too old for Chucks!

  4. deli thanks much! good to see you again.

    pod go for it! even with those extra couple of years, i think you can pull it off. :) besides, kim's right.

    kimberley how can you not love billie? she was a force.

  5. Simple, crisp and beautiful.

  6. I feel really, really short when I wear chucks!

  7. Awesome b&w! Very catchy image. Nice work!

  8. really dig this shot!

  9. thanks everyone! missy i think everyone feels short in chuck taylors.:)

  10. LOVE this image. I too love chucks. For the longest time, they were the only shoes i wore, but alass in the real world of careers and such I had to add others to my closet. Great images. I will be back often.

  11. 1. Fresh sneakers, aren't they? They look lightly used. Or perhaps it's just your gorgeous high-contrast photography that does it.

    2. I'm gonna jump on this bandwagon as we all reminisce about our experiences with Chucks. :D

    I wore Chucks to my junior prom.

    I exclusively wore Chucks from 5th grade to about 12th [they were impossible to find from 7th-9th grade!]. I'm getting back into Chucks again now. And loving them!

  12. thanks so much dragonfly! you are always most welcome.

    josy, josy. good to see you again. i was beginning to wonder. but yes, fairly new at that point. not so much anymore.