looking about for lazy locomotives.

"soon you'll be a figment of some infamous life." broken train, beck

11 comments :: looking about for lazy locomotives.

  1. very nice shot. it gives the sense of staticity

  2. hey! not sure why entirely, but this shot makes me wonder what your life is like.....
    (not that i am looking for answers)

  3. thanks mr mustard! glad you like.

    pod its not representative. i seek out these types of things.

  4. yes i know that, but i guess i was wondering what you were thinking whilst looking etc. just imagining the mind of raindog.....

  5. well, i could probably think up a tale to tell. truthfully it would be a case of raindog wandering where he hasn't been before, bordering on some type of panic for he is severely directionally challenged. and then when he fears he will never again find the main highway, he looks and says, 'hey! a decomposing train. cool!' whilst humming a tune in his head. :)

  6. Takes me back to my childhood and summertime. Cool shot, so thanks ;}

  7. i dig the low angle...

  8. zapped you're welcome and thanks. glad you like!

    polly thanks!

  9. i have a dreadful sense of direction too, but i am happy to get lost and chance upon such fine things. i eventually find my way back to civilisation....

  10. I love this picture..somehow lost and found.

  11. thanks!