push here. grafitti train stops a rollin'.

"peach christmas lights spitting german ling feels like a fast or homeless sleep. at least there's a record that i love to play dreaming about a place i'll never see."
day old blues, kings of leon

5 comments :: push here. grafitti train stops a rollin'.

  1. I find it interesting that a lot of your photos are without people and yet you capture a lot of emotion. This is such a strong piece with a gentle edge.

  2. i like the mix between old and new. the train and the graffiti.

  3. yes, i like the way you do that too
    the tufts of grass make the shot i think
    you have two kids?
    i thought you woz a kid yourself
    (i meant that in a good way!)

  4. zapped thanks so much! thats some compliment.

    polly thanks! glad you like.

    pod pretty much, i am. at least most of the time. you've still got a couple of years on me, i believe. :)

  5. rub it in why dontcha?
    i fart in your general direction