... and the politically conscious graffiti artists.

on the corner/new york girl/thinkin' of one thing and doin' another/vote for miles, mile davis

9 comments :: ... and the politically conscious graffiti artists.

  1. It is a right! And to make graffitis are as much a right of anyone - ask Banksy!

    I guess it's ok unless it's my house ;-)

  2. indeed! :)

  3. see? they ain't all thugs those vandals!

  4. Victims Of The Evil

  5. Yes! And hopefully make a positive difference. Love it!

  6. i like it. is it on the side of a train?

  7. thanks all!

    yes, those pesky vandals are good for something, but considering where i found it i'm not sure how much of a difference it'll make. and yes, polly, this is indeed the side of an old train.

  8. Hehehe...great find! What a change from the usual graffiti-song, "I'm here! I'm here! I'm here!"

  9. thats exactly what i thought when i saw it.