looking up.

"i'm watching from the wall as in the streets we fight. this world all gone to war. all i need is you tonight."
one line, pj harvey

7 comments :: looking up.

  1. Both our blog photos are looking up :-)

  2. Splendid shot! It could be a stock photo. Very cool.

  3. i love polly jean. she rocks. as do your shots!
    good weekend!

  4. missy we thinks alike. loved your shot, though.

    zapped wow! what a compliment. thanks!

    pod yeah. pj is pretty badass. i think i've used her words more than any other. she's definitely in my top 5 artists. many thanks and good weekend wishes right back atcha!

  5. ..good photo and words to pair by, sometimes, with the heaps of things to do, an upward perspective is often taken for granted....

  6. love the monochrome feel. and yeah... pj harvey is incredible and has a great name!

  7. deli totally agree. sometimes its all there is.

    polly doesn't she?