"so now you're mad, denying the truth and it's getting in the wisdom in the back of your tooth. you need to spit it out, in a telephone booth while you call everyone that you know, and ask 'em."
the denial twist, the white stripes

7 comments :: knots.

  1. how odd....i was thinking of posting a knot next too.
    great minds raindoggie, great minds!

  2. I so many things in this piece; frog climbing, old man, a lion....lovely work.

  3. mmmm, isn't it good, norvegian wood....

  4. Wow. And I love the "X marks the spot" crossing tucked away in the knot-flow...really nice.

    (I refrained from commenting on your lil' darlin' kiddo, since Pod took the words right outta my virtual mouth. Cute overload!!!)

  5. pod i'll go along with that! :)

    zapped i love that you see those things. thought it was just me. :)

    mr mustard armed with those beatles lyrics again?

    lori thats what i love about trees. always something tucked away somewhere.

  6. wow Mister"dog" this all most looks like an abstract piece Id mat and frame! Great shot. I love the prior one too, something about the intensity of the color. I miss you on web-pix!

  7. thanks kim! what a compliment. i still pop into wpx as often as possible. i'm being kept away by the 8 to 5 which turns out is not so 8 to 5.