chunky monkey

"you know you have a permanent piece of my medium-sized american heart."
looking for astronauts, the national

8 comments :: chunky monkey

  1. aargh! must...bite...the...cheeks....

    did you do this?

  2. Precious!

  3. mmmm. baby.

    love the tones of the shot.

    are you in new orleans, then?

    i appreciate your thoughts.


  4. pod yesirree! but watch those chompers.

    zapped thank you much!

    polly thanks! i'm a wee bit outside of n.o. but i do have some family there and spend a bit of time there as well.

  5. i meant did you make this cheeky creature? is it RD jnr?

    and i think you might have more than a medium -sized one

    heart i mean


  6. tis what i meant by yesiree. he is a wee little doggie.

  7. aaargh!
    well done daddio!
    what a little beaut!

  8. :)