"anticipation has a habit to set you up for disappointment in evening entertainment but tonight there’ll be some love, tonight there'll be a ruckus ..."
view from the afternoon, arctic monkeys

4 comments :: vu

  1. What a wild cloud formation, it almost looks liek some sort of fire or explosion. I love the perspective and the blue sky is unreal!

  2. alright! keep yer friggin' hair on!
    this is great RDG! i like top heavy sky especially.
    i shall try not to be so tardy. just for you....

  3. zapped thanks! it was a good day for color. i was so pleased it came across.

    pod thanks! and yes, lets watch that tardiness or i'll be forced to resort to such stroppiness again. from now on, hair will be kept in place. :)

  4. Cloud looks like an ostrich :-)