bucket, buckethead

"cancel the thing that i said i'd do. i don't feel comfortable talkin' to you. 'less you got the zipper fixed on my shoe, then i'll be in the lobby drinking for two."
the bucket, kings of leon

5 comments :: bucket, buckethead

  1. "then we will remember things we said today..."

    remember me of "the lord of the flies", or of a soldier of the don quichotte's army...

  2. Poor Buckethead. He looks so sad, all alone with his downcast eyes and spaced-out-buckteeth and just vaguely bucket-like head.

  3. very interesting take, mr mustard!

    josy, he only looks sad, but i hear he's actually quite happy watching over the crop of sugar cane, sampling a bit here and there.

  4. a beuatiful photo, and words to caption it...but i feel that haunting melancholy

  5. thanks so much deli! and welcome.