"neptune champion games to an aqua world is so very dear. 'right this way,' smiles a mermaid, i can hear atlantis full of cheer."
moon, turn the tides ... gently, gently, jimi hendrix


  1. these are great dr g! i like them a lot

  2. thanks!

    dr? thats a new one. i'm not quite sure what i would be a doctor of. :)

  3. A wonderful series. I dig the contrast of the solid cinder block and whimsical shirt and movement of the boy. He's a gorgeous child.

  4. a dr of lurve?
    of sinisterness?
    of doggies?
    the possibilities are endless. i must have confused your initials perhaps?

  5. zapped thanks so much!

    pod i can fix up a computer real nice, but that's about all th doctorin' i can manage. although dr of lurve sounds mighty nice.


  6. Fun and fluid kid-energy!

    Nice captures and grouping -- and got a grin from Pod's inverted-alphabet-honorifics.

  7. thanks lori! and yes, that pod i certainly a hoot.

  8. Agreed- these are SNAZZY portraits, Dr. G.

  9. thanks! ... but there's that dr. again ...