she's a brick ... house

actually, she's a very rural tool shed.

“my eyes have turned just the color of diamond ... just the color ... the frayed color of ice.”
brick is red, the pixies

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  1. i shall refrain fron rudeness

    again, there could be a whiff of sinister here....i like it

  2. Whatever she is, now she's got that song stuck in my head. Possibly for the rest of the day. Thanks, brick hou- er, tool shed.

    Raindog, you certainly have a flair for the creepy. Was it actually as dark as it looks? Did you use a tripod here?

  3. pod thanks! maybe, raindog himself is quite sinister? but wasn't i creepy a couple of weeks back. hmm ... creepy and sinister. yikes!

    josy yes'm. on both counts. and what a horrible song to get stuck in one's noggin. maybe i am sinister.

  4. i just read my comment again, and wondered what i meant by rudeness, then i remembered that it was in ref. to 'tool shed'. ahem. sorry.

    but what i came to say was that creepy and sinister are good. it's not that you are, it is the subtle hint, and subtlety is always very intriguing and interesting...

  5. Now, I'm quite curious about what kind of things Pod blogs about based on the comments here :-)

    Is that light coming from the left corner or a white-ish wall?

  6. What a beautiful tool shed. This is a lovely image. I love what you've captured. It looks like an old photo.

  7. pod its all good. i took it as a compliment. is that weird? :)

    missy pod's blog is great. check it out. in the corner is a bit of leftover white paint.

    zapped thank you much! its a new photo, but quite an old subject.

  8. twas meant as a compliment doc

  9. I always love your shots, I admit black and whites are usulayy my favorite and this is why! However your "color" shots are the exception I always love them..

  10. thanks kimberley! and welcome back. good to see you posting photos again!

  11. I need to get over my anti-tripod bias. I hate the encumbrance, but I miss being able to share lots of crisp darks as a result.

    This is just too darn tasty -- love the painterly textures and tone.