"i break the surface so i can breathe. i close my eyes so I can see. i tie my arms to be free. have you ever been free?"
shut the door, fugazi

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  1. great stuff. i like your perspective a lot.

  2. this "house" is really not the image of freedom... we are lucky to be out.

  3. So empty, but doesn't emptiness bring freedom? Nice photo!

  4. Are there really a lot of abandoned creepy buildings near you, or do you just seek them out?

    (Nice prison-y shot, by the way!)

  5. greetings polly and thanks!

    mr mustard true. the shot just reminded be of the rawness of the song.

    zapped as always, many thanks!

    josy thanks! i seek them out. i'm the guy walking through these quaint old towns looking for the rotten spots.

  6. i was gonna ask the same question as josy, but the ole trombone player got there first! so do you travel a lot?

  7. I am such a fan of your "color" and use of "lighting" alone!!! But now I think I am becoming as big of a fan of your words.. I love your work!

  8. pod there are many rural towns that are a short drive from the city, so i've got many places to go with minimal travel time.

    kimthanks! i assume you are referring to my freakishly large mental encyclopedia o' lyrics.

  9. nice photo, great job. Like photo Friday, try PHOTO SUNDAY at: http://wetsox.org/noah/photosunday/

  10. i get impatient when you don't post!!
    (stamping feet)

  11. Ummmm OK... Thanks soooo much for stopping by my place I awlays love reading your comments but...ummm Im like POD Why are you NOT posting?? Come on now get to it!!! :o) Hope you had a great weekend!

  12. a break was needed :)