"there's bodies decomposing in containers tonight. in an abandoned building where squatters made a mural of a mexican girl with fifteen cans of spray paint and a chemical swirl."
four winds, bright eyes

12 comments :: 1920

  1. Do you call this 1920 because it was built in the 1920s?

  2. They call me Sinister.

    Doctor Sinister.

    It's a pretty facade, and it's a shame they've let it rot.

  3. wonderful pics, really. i love your blog.
    nice compositions, nice colours, nice subjects.
    come and visit me, from time to time. i link you

  4. missy yup. sometimes, i'm not to swift with the titles. :)

    josy well well doctor ... i knew there was something amiss in monmouth county. now i know there was darkness lurking around the flower macros!

    i can't say its such a shame about the rot. where would i be without rust and decay to feed the camera? :)

    welcome mr mustard and many thanks!

  5. this is really great. i love the light on the tiled bit of the roof and the softness of the clouds. top marks for a top dog!

  6. many thanks sir podness! you know me and the things as they fall apart. :)

  7. Merci pour ta visite chez moi .....je decouvre le tient , et vraiment ici de tres belles photos , mon regard est fasciné .

    A bientôt ...bulma

  8. thanks very much (if those french electives were of any use)! :)

  9. thanks for your visit
    the photo you like was taken in the middle of the night, with a 30 seconds exposition.

  10. does that mean that as well as being a tad sinister, you are also coming undone...?

  11. Initially, this leaves me with an empty feeling, then I am curious about what is inside...

  12. mr mustard thanks for the info.

    pod i'm always coming a bit undone. that's normal. :)

    zapped empty is what it is.