the warning wall

“i was looking in the sky when the sun turned all a blur and the thunderclouds rolled by. the sea began to shiver and the wind began to moan.”
warning, black sabbath

7 comments :: the warning wall

  1. Ooo-hoohoohoohoohoohoohoo. That is one creepy photograph, especially when paired with the lyrics you've provided. Once again, Herr Regenhund, you have created a dangerously successful image.


  2. How do you do it?! Well done!

  3. josy yeep! that's some compliment. and to think i almost didn't post it. wasn't sure it was going to come across. thanks!

    missy thanks a heep! i'm fairly positive, almost certain, that it is mostly the camera with a healthy helpin' of luck.

  4. accept your skill oh raindoggie. this is great. very atmospheric and dangerous. nice one mate!

  5. ok pod. i'll try. many thanks!

  6. love the colors on this.

  7. Good post.