stumped lot

"we know a place where no planes go. we know a place where no ships go. no cars go where we know. we know a place where no space ships go. we know a place where no subs go."
no cars go, arcade fire

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  1. I like the mood of this empty spot.

    Loved the tree tunnel too, by the way.

  2. great lighting raindawg. looks like they have come to stand there facing the wall for some reason

  3. WOW.

    Lovely, powerful, and dark -- puts me in mind of some combination of film noir and cyber-punk.

  4. Here we are, up against the wall, nowhere to go, nowhere to run to

    I'm sure there's a song that phrased that better.

    Being trapped LIKE TOTALLY SUCKS, MAN.

    P.S. Whooooaa! I appear three times on your blogroll! I really, thoroughly appreciate it, but I don't know that I'm exciting enough to merit appearing three times on a list of places you'd rather be. :)

  5. i just got a new laptop and this photo looks like junk on the display. on my desktop it looks fine. the others look as intended, but this one ... not so much. its odd, i tell you, odd. hopefully you guys are seeing the better view.

    dcb thanks! glad you like. good to see you again.

    pod as always, thanks a bunch! perhaps they are just reading the faded painted-on numbers to be sure they are in the right place?

    lori wow! what a compliment. thanks!

    josy sounds like a springsteen song.

    well, where would i be if i missed the next doodle or flower macro? lost i'd say. i have to keep up. :)

  6. good shot!

  7. and a big ole thank you miss missy!