mouse on a stick

"when you find a girl, you found a friend. if you wait too long the story ends." mick, dinosaur jr.

7 comments :: mouse on a stick

  1. fantastic! i love it! i would put this on my wall. again it has that doggie quality, like the little girls at the parade. very you, very cool!

  2. I. Love. Your title.

    Probably because it reminds me of my own cussing.

    I tend to say "Crap on a stick!" a lot.

    But your mouse is not crap. No no no.

  3. pod - thank you sir! thats quite a compliment there.

    josy - thank. you. much. must say i've heard my share of cussin', but 'crap on a stick!' is a new one. lets watch that mouth, please. :)

  4. Now, this is different. I love it, and find it uplifting in some manner.

  5. thanks so much. glad you like!

  6. Very spookily charming!

    And I agree with Josy, love the title -- but I don't cuss nearly that creatively. I like it cuz, well, it's a Mouse on a Stick.

  7. thank you very much, lori! good to see you again.