mmm ... tasty

"we found an old doll that was out in the grass. she has special powers we set a black mass. we sat in a circle all holding hands. the doll's been held together with old rubber bands."
gingerbread coffin, rasputina

5 comments :: mmm ... tasty

  1. EAT ...eline Maid.

    You're right, she does sound tasty.

    Furthermore, she's deteriorating in a most artful manner.

  2. love the accompanying lyrics as well as the beauty of decay. ah how things change and slip away...

    someone just walked by my window and said 'yeah he's a funny boy' and i immediately assumed they were talking about me...he he

  3. What an interesting building. It reminds me of those simple digital games where you try to break through the tiled wall... Cool piece!

  4. I almost forgot to visit this page! I have to get organised with a better RSS and blogrolling!

    Cool photo!


  5. josy she would be nothing more than sliced bread. evangeline maid is a local brand. this was an old country market on an old country road.

    pod thanks! and don't worry. i always assume everything anyone says is about me. :)

    zapped thanks! you know, i thought the same thing. about the video game, that is.

    missy thanks! stop by any time. occasionally i get a chance to post something new. been quite the busy lad lately.