little trip to heaven (with a vespa and a robot)

“daylight licked me into shape. i must have been asleep for days and moving lips to breathe her name. i opened up my eyes and found myself alone alone. alone above a raging sea ...”
just like heaven, the cure

8 comments :: little trip to heaven (with a vespa and a robot)

  1. Not to be sacreligious, but it kind of looks like a small robot is standing on the roof, holding out his arms, and screaming either "DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!" or "KILL ALL HUMANS! KILL ALL HUMANS!"

  2. hahaha! you get the award for most unsuspected comment. :)

  3. Heaven looks the framing, though.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Have you thought of submitting this to Moody Monday? ( I mean, the theme is "heavenly," and this is a heaven-themed photograph, and, y'know, might as well... :)

  5. zapped in a way, it is isn't it? and a nice weekend to you!

    josy hey thanks. i had never been there before.

  6. i left a comment here! blogger gobbled it! i thought it was a vespa parked atop!!?

  7. now thats wacky. so, would we classify that as miracle? one's vespa atop a church steeple. :)

  8. ;0p