"there's people around who tell you that they know. the places where they send you, and its easy to go. they'll zip you up and dress you down. stand you in a row, but you know you dont have to. you can just say no."
ballad of el goodo, big star

4 comments :: ftw

  1. It's like "wtf," but backwards.

    Or maybe it stands for Funny Toes and Worms.

    Or something.

    I kind of like his shoes. He has sasquatch feet printed on his slip-ons!

    Is this the same person featured in "no photography, please"?

  2. yes, please explain....
    quite a reflective shot raindogster

  3. Very cool, raindog. It's got a hip feel!

  4. thanks everyone! this was taken at a local festival recently. the fellow on the bench seemed decidedly uninterested in participating in the festivities and i don't think he realized he was in my viewfinder either. don't figure he would have cared either way.

    and the slip-ons ... very cool. wonder where one could score a pair.