dead dead end.

"now they're all watching the sea. what's lost can never be broken. her roots were sweet, but they were so shallow. and now she's dead. forever dead. forever dead and lovely now."
dead and lovely, tom waits

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  1. Y'know, my school was next to a cemetery, and the cemetery was positioned at the very end of a street... so naturally, there was a sign right in front of the cemetery that said "Dead End."

    I've never quite forgiven myself for not getting a photo of that.

    Moving on to more important things, this is a nice photo! I'm always a fan of contrast, and I don't know that I've ever seen the phrase "Dead End Street" on a sign before.

  2. I love these signs as they are s l o w l y being replaced with "No Outlet" signs in my area.

    we still have a few that say Dead End Street or simply Dead End around.

  3. This is twisted, in that it's funny and then I can take it very seriously. Nice piece!

  4. amusing and a little sad at the same time.
    have a happy weekend mate!

  5. josy thanks! it never occurred to me that it was different than the run of the mill dead end signs. shows how observant i am. got this whilst i was trespassing on private property.

    dcb thanks for stopping by! i'm gonna take a wild guess and say you came here by way of a certain bad photographer's site? yeah pod!

    zapped thanks! i thought it was rather interesting ... a dead end whose sign had fallen prey to hooligans.

    pod thanks! and a happy weekend to right back atcha!

  6. i love trespassing too! especially old empty buildings, of which there seem to be zilch here.
    who's bad?