"oh, this world is topsy-turvy, and it is mine to eat. she's the pebble in my mouth and underneath my feet. she's the puzzle piece behind the couch, made the sky complete."
allison's starting to happen, lemonheads

8 comments :: waterbed

  1. i conclude that you love bed and all it has to offer. great shot dude! watch out for soggy bottoms though!

  2. Wow. Powerful. I hope it's not yours.

  3. A great shot.

    And wish it was our old couch, the one that will not find another home so we can get a new couch...silly upholstery travails adding a bit to the cranky-tude, but I'll be better soon, really!

  4. Excellent! And a clever title to go with ;)

  5. I love this shot as I do with most all of your shots for so many reasons. The lighting, the subject, the great contrast of texture with the water, I just really love this!

  6. thanks everyone! you are too kind. i keep getting lost for a few days, but i don't mind coming back to such nice words.

  7. don't get too lost. your public needs you! hope you're ok;0)

  8. just a bit busy. :)