primary sunday

"who - will get me to a party? who - do i have yet to meet? you - you look a bit like coffee and you taste a bit like me."
the skin of my yellow country teeth, clap your hands say yeah

6 comments :: primary sunday

  1. Very clever image. The yellow is stunning and I'm a sucker for big fonts. I dig the lines and placement of elements. Cool!

  2. thanks a heep, gz! i had also shot some in b/w, but the color came out so nice i couldn't resist.

  3. Heyyyyyy. This is the same building as "southern grammar in yellow," isn't it? I'd know that astonishing yellow anywhere.

    The composition is kind of daring and edgy- I like that.

  4. w-e-l-l, ms. smarty pants. you got me. it is kinda sorta the same, as they are in very near vicinity of one another. good eye. ;) * b/w! post b/w next time! *

  5. is this the mattress shop? where i grew up we are commonly known as lincolnshire yellow bellies!? but thankfuly i don't have yellow teeth...less teeth since friday, but not yellow....

  6. ooh. so sorry mate! (i can't pull off the australian thing, can i.) glad to have you back!