out through the in door

"with their hearts all aglow from her icy back at you stare. then her teeth became tight when her eyes couldn't see. and she told herself that this was enough for a girl who was born in an oil drum."
rusty the skatemaker, rasputina

4 comments :: out through the in door

  1. raindog- I really dig the lines, textures and negative space in this. It leaves me wondering what is on the other side of the door. cool!

  2. This seems familiar.

    The blue-greens and the texture on the door really help pull this off. I like the yellow sticker, too. Dunno why. Gives me something to read. Maybe.

    Did I mention that this is good? Yeah.

  3. happiest of easters raindoggie! this looks a bit like a film set, as if there is nothing behind or beyond what we see in the photo

  4. thanks all! and a belated easter's greeting to you, pod! hope you all had a good holiday.

    what can i say? i've a penchant for abandoned buildings. obviously.

    j - i'll try snapping more sticker-sized literature for you. :)