letting the light shine in

nothing too spectacular here. just liked the way the lighting played off of the caked on dirt.

“the position being taken is not to be mistaken for attempted education or righteous accusation. only a description just an observation of the pitiful condition of our degeneration.” room without a window, operation ivy

5 comments :: letting the light shine in

  1. looka great bigger! there is a definite feel to your stuff. i like it!

  2. thanks! glad you like. and good to have you back.

  3. I like the light too, as well as the textures. Simple and it works!

  4. I agree with GZ....
    however, I must make a Homer Simpson comment here, and say, "MMmmm, caked on dirt."

  5. ah, its never a bad time to quote a simpson. thanks zapped and lizard princess!