"he pours the wine into his coffee cup. his gin has dropped, it's time to pick it up."
red wine, success!, cold war kids

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  1. That's very, very creepy.

    I think it's the teeth. And the fact that he/she is wielding his/her toy-thing like a scepter, as if he/she is ruling the world and laughing maniacally about it.

    I'm also a fan of the contrast and the dark colors. But then, I always am.

  2. thanks josy! i never looked at it like that before. very, very interesting. although, i must say, its quite fun from time to time to laugh maniacally about something. or is it just me? :)

  3. yes very creepy. i was scared of things like that when i was but a tiny pod, but now i am a big strong pod, nothing can scare me
    *nervous giggling*

  4. i honestly never saw it as creepy. maybe its a southern thing. perhaps, i myself am creepy therefore immune to its inherent creepiness. :)

  5. it's a lot like the clown in poltergeist, and i have always found clowns a bit sinister. and now you mention it, you are a bit creepy, not having a mouth...