who? who?

"la lune est libre je crois, qui rayonne au-dessus, rayonne au-d'sus des toits. la lune est libre, bien plus libre qu'on ne le croit, elle fluctue de et l, les parties qu'on ne voit pas..."
lo boob oscillator, stereolab

5 comments :: who? who?

  1. love stereolab, love the pic!

  2. i'll have to confess that i had to look up the lyrics for that one. i can sing/recite them easily enough, but my talents do not extend to typing in french. just don't have the skills.

  3. they have great titles. so you can sing too? is there an end to your talents?

  4. Pah, talents don't end. What confuses me is the swan saying who. It oughta be an owl. But it's not, and therein lies the mystery. Right.

  5. pod - sure, why not? if i've had enough to drink, um, er, i mean enough encouragement, i can dance as well :)

    and josy, welcome. i thought the same thing and figured it to be some strange case of fowl identity crisis.