tread lightly

“i’ve got a quart of milk and some sound advice. i’ve got trees to drink but they smell so nice. don’t give me the flu, nobody knows i’m with you.”
burnt orange peel, beck

4 comments :: tread lightly

  1. looks good big. but what is it? i think of a roo, but then i am in oz, so...
    also reminds me of a pic i took in nz. will endeavour to show you one of these busy days!

  2. Interesting shot.I like the textures and light.

  3. thanks. i took this one simply for the color and textures. its rather plain i suppose, but i dug the orange and brown combo. pod, may i ask what a roo is?

  4. you can ask anything you like all-singing all-dancing raindog. a roo is a kangaroo of course!