takin m'olga out for a walk along the tracks

and then he finished his taxes ...

"hey i am just a city boy and really not the country kind. oh I need the city streets and i need your light to see bend comin' round the bend..."
train round the bend, velvet underground

11 comments :: takin m'olga out for a walk along the tracks

  1. spooky, very good atmoshere. Hope you got home safe

  2. A 'olga? You real photographer you.

    I'm assuming you make your photographs digital by scanning the prints... am I wrong, or is there a technique to it, or what?

    (out of curiousity)

  3. thanks griesmail. good to see you again.

    josy - you got me. although the holga is just for fun. is that so wrong? i had a wonderfully miserable, overcast day, new roll of b/w loaded up and abandoned train tracks. is there a better occasion for holga? i think not. and yes, tis a scanned print, however, most of my photos are digital.

  4. Holga?! You wild person, you!

    Lovely image, reminds me of every pre-1920s train-centric blues song I've ever heard.

  5. thanks lori!

    yeah, damn veer and their blasted trendy toys for designers! note to self: must download images from camera ... post-haste ...

    took baby, meet that mornin train. and the blues come down, baby, like showers of rain ... - charlie patton that may be late 20s :)

  6. Very interesting photo. It lends itself to the imagination. I can feel the rattling of the train beneath my feet...

  7. thanks zapped!

  8. i keep looking at a holga. another cool pic from the raindog. a little lynch-esque perhaps

  9. holga's are fun ... once you get the light leaks under control, that is.

  10. love the grain here mister rain

  11. you made a rhyme! thanks so much.