southern grammar in yellow

oh how the misguided use of the possessive apostrophe
drives me flippin' banana's!

"let me take your hand i'm shaking like milk. turning, turning blue. all over the windows and the floors, fires outside in the sky look as perfect as cats ..."
let's go to bed, the cure

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  1. you 'n' me both! perfect lyrical choice. i shall be singing this all day now. raindog you are like a bus. you wait and wait and wait for one, then three come all at once!

  2. I have an apostrophe in (one of) my given names. Fun, fun stuff!

  3. Oh, and I GAVE myself a tilde. Duhhhh

  4. I agree BUT I do love that strong contrast of color makes for great eye catching advertisement and for an awesome shot as well! LOVE

  5. pod - thank you kindly sir! so, the cure and stereolab?! me thinks you've got good taste.

    ~d - you punctuated chickie you! ~d O' ... whoa!

    kimberley - thanks so much. you are right. its just one of those things that drives me nuts.

  6. I haven't seen grammar that bad in ages. What bugs me to pieces is the "its/it's" thing that NOBODY ON THE FUCKING PLANET can seem to master.

    Did I mention I like your yellow?

  7. well i know! its crazy! ;)
    ... wait ... its ... it's ... aaahhhhhhhhh!

  8. Don't make me smack you.

  9. impeccable!

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  11. I know what you mean! How come Two Weeks Notice made it in the final editing?!

    You have some really amazing stuff here. What do you shoot with?

    missy who can be found disturbing the universe or sometimes loitering in flickrland.

  12. well, hugh grant and sandra bullock ... what can you expect?

    many thanks. glad you like. i normally shoot digital with the occasional 35mm or holga shot thrown in for good measure.