experimenting with black and white film. it went something like this: tinker with camera, shoot roll, curse bad exposures and repeat. and repeat. and repeat. finally getting some exposures i like.

“i'm pulling down questions from the shelf. i'm asking forgiveness. i ain't asking nobody but myself.” broken boy soldiers, raconteurs

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  1. Interesting piece, Raindog. I like the lines and contrast of his hands. Have more fun with it!

  2. is this the raindog himself?
    why the cropping?

  3. many thanks gz! just trying something different.

    pod - no that is not raindog. rd is a devishly handsome, slightly bearded fellow clicking that shutter. why the cropping you ask? because sometimes it just has to be done.

  4. Pea-pie!


    You da man, I have no patience for film.

    My experience with film?

    Click click click...wait wait wait...slosh slosh slosh...oh crud, oh crud, oh -- hhhm yes one's good.

    *sigh* Just no darn patience at all.

  5. oh, don't paint me as the great patient one. nearly through out the idea a few rolls ago. no immediate feedback coupled with the fact that only one shop in town develops b/w film. curse, curse, curse. gimme my digital! oh beautiful viewfinder!

  6. oh and modest too...

  7. oh i KNOW! the nerve! :)