“there's a girl that i know of but don't ask for much. she's homely, and she's cranky and her hair's in a net.”
i'm lonely (but i ain't that lonely yet), white stripes

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  1. is that a silo?

  2. what sort of a building is that? your pics have a definite quality ;0)

  3. nah. its actually an abandoned strip club. lipstick, i think it was called. now, more attractive as a player in our urban decay. must start putting captions i reckon.

    thanks pod. of course, i'm assuming its a good quality. :)

  4. Interesting building.I like the composition and contrasts.Great shot.

  5. Now that I know it was a strip club, the architecture looks completely different. I totally missed the phallic implications the first time around.

  6. thanks, mc! and josy, color me seven shades of stupid. your are the second person to mention the building's phallic representation, yet it somehow escaped me ...

  7. When I thought it was a lighthouse or bank or something, the phallicicity (A 100% REAL WORD) escaped me, too. 'Sall in knowing what it is, man.

  8. say that five times fast :)

  9. Farout, never would have guessed what sort of bldg it is. I thought it looked tugboat-like. Interesting negative space.

  10. wouldn't you love to break in and see what it is like inside?

  11. wouldn't you love to break in and see what it is like inside?

  12. yeah zapped. maybe this one was better left to the imagination.

    pod - might give me some interesting shots, eh?