la la leaves

... and little blue squares. what is it with all the building shots lately? i don't know either. it's out of my control.

“all i'm saying pretty baby, la la love you don't mean maybe. all i'm saying pretty baby, first base, second base, third base, home run ... yeah.”
la la love you, the pixies

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  1. la la love you...
    don't mean maybe.

  2. I like the "building" shots, in this case the building is no longer dominant (hope I said that right). I could better explain in Dutch

  3. I really like this alot. It's an interesting play of simple shapes contrasting the beauty of nature. Also, the hues of blue and pink bring spring to mind. Very nice work!

  4. I'm rather fond of this whole pink vs. blue thing. What sort of a structure were you inside?

  5. ~d (whistle) ... yeah

    griesmail thanks! i do understand what you mean.

    get zapped thanks so much! i was hoping it would come off that way.

    josy i was at a stop sign. out the window, snap snap. and then i think there was a honk. impatient f*ckers. :)

  6. the pixies are playing here today at the V festival, which unfortunately cannae attend. darn raindog, darn! tho' i saw them back in the day in london, and they were superb. none of this is relevant however. well maybe. waffle waffle. suffice to say that i love the groups of small numbers here, all 2's and 3's and 4's against the row of perfectly tiny windows. good work dr!

  7. thanks so much! i've never gotten to see the pixies, so color me jealous on that count. i do, however, have a friend who was sorta attacked by kim deal ...

  8. well i can't brag about being attacked by any celebs. everyone said the pixies were the best. poo!