howdy podnuh

found him waving from the side of the road

“ridin' into town alone by the light of the moon. i'm looking for ole' sukie jones. she crazy horse saloon.”
back in the saddle, aerosmith

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  1. is that you then? dig the tash! are you calling me podnuh?

  2. oh, did i neglect to mention that i am a giant inflatable cowboy known to frequent america's southern roadsides? 'tis a self portrait.

  3. Friend of yours?

  4. whoa!

  5. A self-portrait, eh? Didn't you mention something about being a bearded fellow? This fellow's facial hair is somewhat lacking (elegant as it may be).

  6. is it a weird policeofficer, he seems so dominant. I do not believe it is self potrait. Hope I am not to rude

  7. looks as if i have been figured out. i think i am the bearded fellow i wrote about and the ability to inflate was a bit of a lie. oops :)

    this was a **guessing** 16-foot, inflated cowboy used by those zany advertising folks to sell cars or barbecued meat or some such thing, which i spotted whilst driving ... snap snap ...

    no worries griesmail!