"jesus greets me ... looks just like me ... do no wrong, so clean cut. dirty his hands, it comes right off ..."
w.m.a., pearl jam

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  1. looks even better bigger...doesn't everything? reminds me of a shot i took of a silo...i shall get it out soon.
    great weekend to you!

  2. Oish. Disturbing clouds. Creepy silo, and the accompanying lyric makes the photo even creepier.

  3. thanks pod! i'd be interested in seeing your shot. i'd probably be outshined.

    and josy ... my very first oish! thank you kindly.

  4. Oooh! Melancholy silo!

    I love a surly James Dean pout feeling coming from corrugated metal.

    Nice, and am scratching my head trying to recall which rural road this one might be on...


  5. you speak poppycock my friend! your photos shine. don't be blinded by that!

  6. Very interesting contrast with the metal structure and soft sky. Love the perspective you're getting these days!

  7. lori many thanks! a surly james dean pout, you say? your comments are always a pleasure.

    pod :)

    getzapped thanks so much! glad you like.

  8. I love your work

  9. dank griesmail! don't know if i said that right. anyway, thank you griesmail!