throw me something mister

"and her voice is sore from shouting, cheering winners who are losing, and she worries if their days are few and soon they'll have to go."
celebration day, led zeppelin

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  1. fantastic!! these are great. the quality of the light. did you play around with the images?

  2. kinda yeah. i tweaked the brightness/contrast a little bit. i shot them using a uv filter attached to my lens adapter. the vignetting is a little heavy on the second shot, but i liked that pink hat.

  3. tis perfect. she looks like a little dolly. i really like these!

  4. Angelic!
    Do you know the children?

  5. thanks chaotic one! we got there a bit late and were stuck behind rows of people. all i could see were children sitting atop dad's shoulders and ... voila!