"somebody burned down the picnic. someone kissed their own ass by mistake. the cliches are turning into people with the greeting cards glued to their face."
pay no mind (snoozer), beck

5 comments :: hoodie

  1. i was almost moved to swear...but being polite i shan't. this is friggin A mate. i really like it and it is one of thos i wish i had atken myself. was it a chanced upon shot? it fits great with the previous two. i covet it. may your day be full of love ;0)

  2. thanks. you are too, too kind. i snapped this one walking back from the spot where i took the previous two. little bit o luck, i suppose.

  3. sorry about all the typos...must have been all the excitement! tis a truly great photo you lucky sod!

  4. Clever posts (like the two girls below, too). This I love for the subject, and lines of the hoodie and brick. Cool!

  5. thanks zapped!