"can you treat it like an oil well ... when it's underground, out of sight? and if the sight is just a whore sign, can it make enough sense to me?"
in the mouth a desert, pavement

9 comments :: grainy

  1. fantastic! if i went to an exhibition of your photos i would be inspired. this is great

  2. Lovin' this, but you knew I would.

    (Wait'll you see what I found this weekend...some images from my find to come this week.)


  3. pod - you are too, too kind. thanks! and get that new photo of yours over to web-pix. me likey.

    lori - thanks. i'll definitely be over. can't wait to see what you've found.

  4. credit where credit is due mr wet doggie

  5. passing thru with quite the appreciation. And love.

  6. WOW ..the repetition here is great and your choice of black and white is a perfect one! I love it and your words are just as compelling as your grand shot!

  7. ~d - whoa! thank ya much. love right back atcha!

    kimberley - thanks so much. i think the overcast skies helped this one as well.

  8. This is EXCELLENT!
    In large format it would be a killer!

  9. many thanks nathalie! this one has gotten an unexpected grand response. makes me happy the sun didn't show its face that day. thanks everyone.