"can't you see the sky is not the limit no more? i can see the elevator crash through the floor. i can still see yesterday sailing away. seven billion people who have nothing to say."
red light, the strokes

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  1. more coolness from raindog the great. i really like your quotes too. i secretly want to steal the idea

  2. thank you sir. and of course, steal secretly all you want :)

  3. I love these! The lighting in this one rocks OUTLOUD..great job (Back a VERY long time ago) I did this well very similar.. shhhhh

  4. thats a helluva compliment there kimberley. thanks!

  5. I really dig the bright blue hues contrasting the brown subdued tones. Nice pic!

  6. thanks zapped! i was happy with the way the colors came out in this one. a bit better than the first one i think.